Frequently Asked Questions

What external software is currently integrated with Bean app?

Currently you can send all your logged time to Google Calendar. Stay tuned as we add other software.

What file formats can I export?

Currently, you can export Bean’s data to .CSV.

How close do I need to be to track time?

We have setup Bean to work if your in the same room or closer.

How accurate is time with Bean?

We have setup Bean to be within 20 seconds.

Why doesn’t Bean log a few seconds of my time near a beacon?

To increase accuracy and remove unwanted walk by recordings we have set Bean to only keep time if you spend more than 2 minutes near a beacon. This doesn’t affect accuracy because time starts tracking when range is reached and is deleted if you leave range in under 2 minutes.

I have a Bluetooth device I use for other things will it work for Bean app?

Any certified Bluetooth 4.0 device that is broadcasting as often as 2 seconds will work with Bean App. If your phone or some other device stays connected to your Bluetooth device then typically that beacon will not broadcast during connection and not be able to track time with Bean app during the connection. We will be testing various Bluetooth devices. Stay tuned we will post a known good device list.

How long does a beacons battery last?

We have been testing with Estimote beacons and Estimotes documentation states that there battery last 3 years.

Who can see my logged time information?

The Bean app uses data storage on your phone. Bean app sends only to software integrations you select. Therefore it is only visible by you, and who you share your time with outside of Bean app.

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