[feature icon="clock-o" title="Time Tracking" color="1"]Bean logs time when you're near it. It's simple and unintrusive. Have Bean log your time to popular time tracking software.[/feature][feature icon="tags" title="Software Integration" color="2"]With Bean, you are able to send your time to other time tracking software. Check our list of supported time tracking software to see if your time tracking software is supported.[/feature][feature icon="share" title="Export" color="3"]Want to share your time with others or pull a document out for your records. Use the export feature to output as a .CSV or a Google Docs spreadsheet.[/feature][feature icon="magic" title="Bluetooth 4.0" color="5"]Bean is Smart Ready, using the latest Bluetooth technology.  This means no pairing required, and a long battery life for phone and Bluetooth beacon.[/feature][feature icon="mobile" title="iOS & Android" color="8"]Available soon for both iOS and Android devices...[/feature][feature icon="code" title="Open Source" color="4"]Open Source means more input and feedback from the people using Bean.  This will help with integration of desired time software and quicker response to issues found in the Bean app. This also helps the progress of apps for Bluetooth technology by giving a working example to others building Bluetooth integrated apps.  [/feature]

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